I was in a bad place and felt stuck there my therapist helped me become unstuck and move to a better place.

Julie, Aged 42

Therapy was a really positive experience for me, I’m very grateful to hart Psychotherapy for all the help they have given me.

Simon, Aged 39

I hated being at school, I felt like I wanted the ground to swallow me up every day. Lucy helped me turn it all around. I now don’t feel like everyone is looking at me, I don’t feel sad all the time and I am full of confidence.

Chloe, Aged 15

My daughter experienced a serious sexual assault, she was finding life really hard, so I had to find help, waiting lists were huge so I decided to contact hart Psychotherapy, which was probably the best decision I have ever made. My daughter went through several weeks of therapy and is now smiling again. Thank you for giving me my daughter back and helping her work through her problems.

Sarah, 40 (clients mother) client, 17

Hi, thank you Lucy at Hart Psychotherapy she was a great listener, kind and helped me a lot.

John, aged 25

I would like to say a big thanks to my therapist. My anxiety was controlling my life but now I control my anxiety.

Hayley, Aged 23

Thank you for helping me for building my confidence up because now I live a more complete life.

Bobby, Aged 19

Thanks to hart Psychotherapy I’ve got my social life back on track and enjoy going to work again. The experience from, start to finish was very professional whilst at the same being personal. All my friends and family have noticed the big changes in me and I would recommend Hart Psychotherapy to anyone.

Jeff, Aged 49

I previously suffered with anxiety and I underwent CBT with Hart Psychotherapy, since doing so I have learnt some brilliant techniques and now feel that my anxiety is more manageable in social situations.

Darius, Aged 22

Upon accessing Hart Psychotherapy I realised I was not alone and other parents have similar issues with their teenage children. The therapist helped me to understand that my actions were equally having a bearing on the situation as well as my sons. I never felt judged or condemned about my parenting but was able to see that help and support is an ok thing to have and helped me eventually to rebuild my relationship with my son.

Juanita, Aged 42

My anger was causing me big problems, I would go mad at everyone for the smallest things. My therapist gave me the strength and knowledge to change for the better.

Laura, Aged 28

I was a little sceptical about going for therapy- I felt a little awkward. As soon as I met my therapist she made me feel so at ease and listened to me without judgement. Thank you!

Sandra, Aged 45

I want to say a massive thank you to Hart Psychotherapy for everything they have done for me, I have my life back!!! Such a lovely lady who made me feel great. I would definitely recommend.

Cathy, Aged 35

My name is Marjeta, 35. I was at the breaking point when I split from the ex, and I was left with two children on my own. Although I tried to manage things I found it extremely difficult to cope with my kids and the separation. I went into depression and Hart Psychotherapy helped me to see things differently. Now I am more positive and I see things in a different light.

Marjeta, Aged 35

I found out about Hart Psychotherapy through a friend who recommended them to me. Since my husband passed away my whole life changed. Hart Psychotherapy helped me deal with the changes and build a new life around them. I felt as though someone was with me throughout it all. I feel happier now. My therapist was compassionate and listened to me.

Marrion, Aged 69

Being different at my school felt like it was an invitation to bullies to bully me. I have been struggling for so long about coming to terms with who I was and the fact that I like boys instead of girls. My therapist helped me realise that I was not the only teenager going through what I was going through and that it didn’t have to be this way. I now accept who I am and feel more confident. Everyone deserves happiness and Hart Psychotherapy helped me see that. Thank you 

Connell, Aged 17

Hart Psychotherapy has helped me getting back into school. I didn’t want to go to school because I was too scared of leaving the house. My therapist has helped me see that I did not need to be scared. She showed me ways of not worrying and being calmer. The lady was really nice and made me feel safe.

Leah, Aged 9

Steph has really helped be understand myself better and get through a really difficult time in my life I would highly recommend.

Terry, Aged 46

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