Adolescents Therapy

The therapists at Hart Psychotherapy have a lot of hands on experience with working with adolescents, ranging from setting up clinics in schools to one to one therapy.Children and young people do not present or process mental distress or disorder in the same way as adults which is why our therapist have an in-depth understanding of adolescent mental health issues and have an array of treatments to tackle these.

Experienced therapists to help

Our therapist all have the appropriate credentials and experiences to be able to work with all age groups, which is in accordance to BABCP ‘Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics in CBT’ which states that ‘therapists should only practise in the areas in which they have appropriate education, training and experience.

Enhanced CRB/DBS (criminal record checked)

All of our therapists are enhanced CRB/DBS checked and are vigorously checked out by our vetting team. Adolescents who are under 18 year’s olds are still classed as minors therefore the same safeguards would be in place as a child.

Parental Worries and Confidentiality

We understand that the content of what is disclosed in session remains private between the adolescent and the therapist, we would like parents to rest ashore that all private information concerning the adolescent and their family will be treated with respect and kept confidential. At Hart Psychotherapy we operate a strict confidentiality policy and aim to be as discrete as possible. It is very important that clients feel comfortable and free to talk about what maybe troubling them in order to move forward. Often it is helpful when parents explain to the adolescent that they have their approval to speak to their therapist about whatever they feel the need to.

Consent and Competency

As part of the code of ethics in which we adhere to as therapist we may need to break confidentiality in cases where we believe your child may be at risk or another child is at risk. We require informed consent from both the Parents and the client in addition to this we assess for competency to see how competent they are in their decision making process.

How long will therapy last for?

You may wonder how long will your loved one be in therapy for? The answer to this may vary depending on the severity and depth of their problems. Once they have been assessed the therapist will be able to clarify this further for you.

Working together with Parents

Hart Psychotherapy, not only offers direct therapy for your adolescent but also can offer therapy to parents too. Often parents may find their child refuses to engage in therapy which can often make progress slow and cause frustration for parents or guardians. Hart Psychotherapy can work with the parents or guardians in these cases by guiding them in implementing tools and strategies in to their lives. This can often be very effective in maintaining the positive changes made in during therapy due to the parent also receiving therapy.

Our therapists are not there to judge their only objective is to help the client overcome their problems in a proactive positive way.

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